Approaching Theta (thetaguitar) wrote in csusm,
Approaching Theta

Not on top of their stuff...

So I found an old flyer that was mailed to me from the dorms...apparently room assignments were supposed to be e-mailed out on July 28th. I never got mine, so I called the front desk. I got one of those "Our normal business hours are..." recordings, even though it was within their operating hours, and left a message.
A couple hours later, my cell phone rings. I see by the caller ID that it's the dorms, so I pick up...right as they hang up.
The next day, without another call back from them, I call again. This time, a woman answers on the first ring.

"Um, yeah, I'm in the dorms this next semester and never got mailed my room assignment...?"
"Yeah, well, we're changing around the floorplans a lot right now, so you might not get advance notice."
"All we would send you is the names and phone numbers of your roommates anyway."
"So I'll just find out who I'm with and what room I'm in on move-in day?"
"Unless you want to stop by here on Monday. But even then we'd just tell you who you're with."

So yeah. And this is on top of them losing my transcripts a while back. We'll see how (dis)organized they are during the school year...

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