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Don't smack me, please...

Note: If this posting is inappropriate, let me know and I'll delete it...

However, I have a room avaialble for rent in Oceanside for $550, utilities included...

Share quiet, mellow living space in clean, bright 2BR/2BA condominium 1.5 miles from the Oceanside Pier with a late 30something employed female and a friendly orange marmelade cat.

Room comes with private bath with full kitchen and house privledges. Rent includes all utilities and basic cable. DSL access available. Amenities include washer and dryer, dishwasher and microwave. Complex has bbq's, jacuzzi, fitness room and lap pool.

Seeking mellow, considerate, clean (but NOT anal) roommate. No smoking, heavy drinking or drugs. Perfect for college or graduate student, quiet military or professional person working in North County or inland North County (drive against the traffic!)

Close I-5, 76 and 78 and the Oceanside Transit center.

One Car Garage available for parking and/or storage for $25.00 a month extra.

Cat OK with small pet deposit.

Space available on October 1, 2004. Earlier move-in date possible.

For more information, please contact cecelia at ideology dot com. Or leave a comment.

Please note, Oceanside is *40* miles north of downtown San Diego.
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